In 2018, six people came together because of their shared passion for creating exciting video games. In less than a year, five more people joined this dynamic team. With these creative minds on board, we went to work and created our first game - The Chronicles of Overlord

We have storytellers, dreamers, architects and dungeon masters. Our bond is strengthened by our shared spirit of adventure, excellent work ethic, and the drive to produce thrilling games set in breathtaking worlds. The best games bring communities together, which is why you can share our games with your friends and other players all over the world.

As Blind Archer Games continues to grow, we are working even harder to create delightful projects to entertain millions of people.

Thanks for being a part of our story.

Here's to future collaborations!
We are working to become the most successful game studio in the world
We are not limited by genre. We create games that we enjoy playing. If we don't love it, we won't make it